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“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary”. Pablo Picasso

All The Features You Need


Add new pages to your website, quickly & easily. Add pages for projects, exhibitions, commissions, about, mission statements, contact or anything else. Artistry includes beautifully designed pre built layouts for the pages that every artist needs on their website.


Like a kid playing with blocks construct your website with drag and drop. Artistry includes over 40 blocks that artists can use to build their web pages including slideshows, galleries, video players, audio players, testimonials, maps, portfolios, pictures, buttons and text.


Publish pictures of your art online & organise them into galleries in seconds. Make navigation through your art a delightful experience with slideshows and light boxes. Your gallery will respond beautifully to different sized screens & devices.


Add video to your website with ease. You can embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, other third party media servers or upload & serve video directly from your website.


Enable intuitive navigation of your website with beautiful horizontal & vertical menus, breadcrumbs, search with auto suggested terms, tag clouds, product listing in grid or list format, recently viewed products, related products & layered/faceted navigation for filtering products (by size, color, etc.) in categories & search.


Boost the user search experience to the maximum with a live search that updates as you type. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive & less flat.


Create any kind of form using drag and drop. From simple contact forms to forms that allow customers to upload photos for art commissions you can create forms with ease.


Create an interactive two-way communication platform to share your news, thoughts or ideas and get customers’ feedback. Your blog is search engine optimized & designed to get traffic from organic search.

Multiply Your Sales

Sell your art with a powerful ecommerce platform. Make it fast & easy for customers to buy with a one page checkout. Enable shipping & tax estimates in the shopping cart & shipping to multiple addresses in one order. Integrate with multiple PayPal gateways & Stripe. Accept checks/money orders, cash on delivery, purchase orders, telephone & offline payments.

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Search Engine Optimization

Structure your information beautifully & maximise exposure on search engines. Drive traffic to your site with powerful search engine marketing tools.

Public Relations

Build authority with critics, galleries & media by presenting yourself professionally & providing them with the information & tools needed to do their job.


Drive high volumes of traffic to your website using Google Adwords & Facebook Ads. Track & optimise which advertisements result in subscriptions to your newsletter, commissions & sales of your art.


Stimulate meaningful conversations that build intimate relationships with your fans using sophisticated email marketing tools. Publish elegant newsletter signup forms on your website.


Build relationships & drive traffic to your website using social media. Stimulate sharing of your art & content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google, Twitter & Pinterest using elegant strategies and tools.

Understand & Optimise Your Internet Marketing Success.

Gain clear insight into where your website traffic is coming from, which  browsers are becoming buyers, where your fans are coming from, what is working & what is not.


Define goals in your analytics software & connect them with your website.  Deep & seamless integration with Google Analytics is enabled to track goals & funnels, social media & marketing campaigns.


Monitor sales & visitor behavior & quickly respond to market conditions. Track key events such as button clicks, form inputs & conversions. Evaluate the success of email campaigns with integrated response tracking. You can monitor key campaign metrics, including opened messages, click-throughs, bounces, & more.


Gain deep insight into your business. Reports & dashboards give you fast access to key performance indicators & return on investment so you can instantly see the results of your actions & optimize traffic, conversion rates & sales. Gain a transparent view into your performance so that you can make better-informed decisions to increase your revenues. Track metrics that are relevant & actionable & receive a daily email with the key performance metrics (e.g. revenue, orders, average order value, etc.), so that you can keep up to date without the need to log into your system.