Elevate Ecommerce With AI

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Attract, convert & grow your customers with AI ... surprisingly Fast

Take your ecommerce business to the next level with artificial intelligence.

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Sell more ecommerce products … fast.

Maximize customer lifetime value

Increase average order size & purchase frequency using superior pricing, cross-selling, up-selling, product bundling & merchandising. Understand your customers, forge deeper relationships & keep them buying more & more.

Elevate browser to buyer ratios

Convert your audience to customers by engaging them in shopping experiences that convert – fast. Test, optimize & multiply your conversion rates using conversational commerce.

Expand Your Reach

Scale your business. Engage in deeper, more intelligent conversations, that sell faster, convert more & generate more value.

Connect any ecommerce store to the Facebook Messenger platform, seamlessly. 

A delightful Shopping Experience

Create a delightful shopping experience with conversational commerce. Amaze your customers how fast & easy it is to find the products that are perfect for themselves & their friends. Guide customers along their own personal journey, from an ad to a sale with media, products & recommendations customised for each individual. 

Give each of your customers the ability to tap, ask & follow their own journey –  armed with a rich marketing toolbox of categories, products, cards, text, audio, video, carts, checkouts, upsells, downsells, recently viewed, related & personalised products.




Shopping Cart


Add and remove products from your shopping cart with a tap – from right inside messenger. Multiply your browser to buyer ratio. Increase average order value. Decrease cart abandonment rates – dramatically – with conversations that you can test & optimize to convert higher & higher. Use proven sales tactics like urgency & scarcity.



Remove friction. Elevate conversion rates. Make it fast & easy for customers to buy with a one-tap checkout. Prefill customer personal, shipping & billing information from previous messages, your ecommerce platform & CRM system. Send messages of trust & convenience to complete the buyer’s journey.



Accept every leading payment methods. Restrict payment methods to different countries or customer groups. Configure to authorize & charge, or authorize only & charge on creation of invoices. Integrate with Stripe, multiple PayPal gateways, or any other gateway by placing your order form inside the conversation. Accept checks/money orders, cash on delivery, purchase orders, cryptocurrency & offline payments.


Price your products flexibly & easily. Create elegant pricing rules in the comfort of Google Sheets. Provide bulk quantity discounts on products, & customer-specific pricing based either on a contract price list or by a percentage discount across all products. Provide customer group-specific pricing & group-specific tier pricing (e.g. discounts for wholesale customers), in seconds. You can listen for changes in prices in your ecommerce system & update your prices in Messenger automatically. Likewise, you can listen to changes to prices in your Messenger & update your ecommerce system automatically.


Drive profitability by merchandising more quickly, easily, & effectively. Create targeted, rule-based promotions & campaigns with flexible coupons & pricing rules with the ability to restrict to customer groups, time period, products, & categories. For example percent discount, fixed amount discount, free shipping, buy x, get y free, buy x, get y with percent or fixed amount discount, buy x, get free shipping on orders, buy x, get percent discount, buy x, get fixed amount discount etc. Promote new items. Make products featured or on sale. Show related products & cross-sell on product pages. Upsell products in the shopping cart.


Expand internationally & target new countries & segments more effectively. Adapt to local needs & global standards. Support multiple sites, brands, catalogues, currencies, & languages. Easily adapt offers to suit local conditions while maintaining an appropriate level of global consistency. Support multiple currencies & tax models. Registration, shipping destination, payment methods & billing addresses can be restricted to specific countries. The languages & locations of your audience are automatically detected & used to communicate locally.


Create advertising campaigns that connect directly to your Sales Agent. Engage your audience in personal & meaningful conversations that capture valuable information and match them with the right products.


Escalate conversion rates & capture lost sales by remarketing to individuals who show interest and purchase intent. Tag visitors based on what products they viewed & what actions they took (e.g. added a product to their shopping cart) & follow up the sales process with custom messages, email promotions & ads.


Run sophisticated referral marketing campaigns on Facebook Messenger, people earn bigger prizes the more friends they refer.



Enable super fast & easy account registration. Capture your user’s details (name, photo, location) immediately & automatically from advertising networks with a single tap. Your customers can share their phone numbers & emails with a tap … no typing necessary. The information is pre-filled from Facebook. Create & sync customer accounts on your website, ecommerce store & CRM system from conversations with your agent. Validate emails, phone numbers, assign passwords & roles for each user intelligently.


Enable customers to manage routine transactions, to obtain information themselves, while also making it easy for them to access assisted service. Give your customers access & control over their account information including personal information, primary billing & shipping address, shopping cart & orders, wishlist, product reviews, newsletter/chat subscription & preferences. Provide fast access to order history with status updates, order tracking, recently ordered items & reorders from the customer account.

Connect your entire business to the Facebook Messenger platform. We can connect over 250 apps including …

Orchestrate seamless cross-channel buying experiences. Provide engaging, consistent, coordinated customer experience across all channels including web, contact centre & mobile. Recognize your customers regardless of the channel of interaction—web, chat, telephone, in-store, or even a combination.

Customers are able to start shopping & maintain items of interest in their shopping cart, wish lists & recently compared items between browsing sessions & from device to device. Once a customer interacts with your agent you will automatically capture her personal information. With a few taps you can capture her email & phone number, create an account on your ecommerce & CRM system & synchronise data between your systems to engage in intelligent personalised conversations. Send messages that direct your customers to your website & a long-term cookie is established for that browser/device combination & the customer can now view the contents of their shopping cart in subsequent sessions without logging in again.

Artificial Intelligence

Take Messenger Marketing to the next level with artificial intelligence

Engage in natural and rich conversational experiences using AI. Give users new ways to interact with your product with an elegant text-based conversational interface.

Get pre-trained Intents and Entities for customer service and ecommerce. Understand users intents for product discovery, ordering, order lookup, cart management, shipping, and returns/exchanges. These Intents and Entities have been optimized using months of real-world data to make your AI management easier and your bot smarter, faster.

Take your business to the next level

Amplify web traffic. Convert browsers to buyers. Lower customer acquisition costs. Multiply sales. Connect to the Facebook Messenger Platform today.