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Build Your First Real-time Voice Virtual Assistant (IVRs) with ONE:

Enhance your customer experience and supercharge lead conversion with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Create customizable call flows, handle requests, transfer calls, and even process payments directly over the phone with ONE.

Get Started for Free:

Embark on your IVR journey with ease and zero cost. ONE offers a simple and complimentary setup to get you started.

Automate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Inbound & Outbound Calls:

Leverage ONE’s advanced IVR capabilities to automate and optimize both inbound and outbound calls.

Save Time & Increase Efficiency:

Create a multi-level IVR menu that guides callers through different options, allowing your team to save up to 80% of their time.

Transfer Phone Calls:

Effortlessly redirect calls to another phone number, even outside of your business hours, using ONE.

Leave Voice Messages:

During non-business hours, enable customers to leave voice messages for prompt follow-up with ONE.

Take Payment in Phone Calls:

Seamlessly collect payments directly within the phone call using ONE’s integrated payment features.

Speech Recognition:

Automatically recognize customer speech patterns and use keywords to transfer calls efficiently with ONE.

Outbound Phone Call:

Trigger outbound phone calls directly from ONE’s voice channel to engage with customers at the right moment.

Unique Features:

Build Your First Real-time IVRs:

Craft interactive voice responses, transfer calls, leave messages, and process payments effortlessly in phone calls with ONE.

Build Trust:

Provide expected wait times, answers to frequently asked questions, and more within the phone call to instill customer confidence using ONE.

Optimize Their Experience:

Route calls to the appropriate personnel and send SMS notifications if there’s no immediate response with ONE.

Save Time & Increase Efficiency:

Create a seamless and intuitive IVR menu to efficiently guide callers through various options using ONE.

Elevate your customer communication with ONE’s Voice Virtual Assistant (IVRs). Whether it’s streamlining call handling, automating payments, or delivering exceptional experiences, ONE empowers your business to reach new heights. Start your IVR journey today and revolutionize your customer interactions!