Own Your AI

Own an army of intelligent agents who work together to do important jobs in your enterprise or life.
ONE is free. Free as in freedom. Free of restrictions with a MIT License, suitable for governments, enterprises and individuals. You are free to use, modify, brand, distribute, sell, resell, ONE at a profit, without restrictions. Read our guide - From Open Source to Revenue Source: The MIT License Advantage

Your Identity

This is your custom AI connected to your identity. Designed for world leaders, their children and everyone in-between.

Your Models

Use any AI model at cost price with your own API keys. Open AI, Google, Antrophic, Open Router.

Your Chats

Organise your AI conversations neatly in folders.

Your Prompts

Organise your AI prompts and access them seamlesssly.

Your Work Spaces

Create AI workspaces designed for different tasks.

Your Files

Upload your documents and make them available to your AI.

Your Collections

Group documents into collections.

Your Assistants

Create a digital workforce.

Your Tools

Give your AI access to use any software or service.