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Engage with Your Customers on Google Search & Maps.

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Google Chat: Engage with Your Customers on Google Search & Maps

  • Reach & Delight Your Customers on Google Search & Maps: Utilize conversation marketing to reach and engage with your customers on Google Search and Google Maps, where they actively search for information.

  • Get Started for Free: Begin your customer engagement journey on Google Chat with a free and straightforward setup.

  • Automate Your Google Business Messenger Marketing: Streamline your marketing efforts with automation tools tailored for Google Business Messenger.

  • Connect on Google Search: Over 92% of online searches happen on Google. Reach your potential customers directly on Google Search.

  • Connect on Google Maps: Reach out to users on the go! With over 66% of U.S. consumers using Google Maps, connect with them while they navigate.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Improve response time and save costs with live chat agents available 24/7.

  • Conversation Ice Breakers: Automate sales and support to engage with your existing website traffic efficiently.

  • Drive Sales & Support with Rich Messages: Foster loyalty and customer satisfaction through engaging and rich messages that drive sales.

  • Live Chat Everywhere: Seamlessly have real-time conversations with customers through our mobile apps, ensuring constant connectivity.

Unique Features:

  • Create Connections that Count: Build meaningful connections with your customers on Google’s organic search and Maps through conversation marketing.

  • Build Trust: Provide valuable information, expected wait times, frequently asked questions, and access to live help to foster trust with your customers.

  • Optimize Their Experience: Personalize messaging and improve customer satisfaction by routing calls to the appropriate channels, leveraging CSAT data and feedback.

  • Better Way to Chat with Customers: Create helpful, timely, and engaging experiences that enhance customer satisfaction and build strong relationships.

We have added Google API under the advanced actions of your flow builder. Actions Available:

  • List Reviews: Get a list of all your reviews
  • Get Review: Get information about a single review
  • Reply to Review: Enables you to respond to a review
  • Delete Review Reply: Enables you to delete a reply that has been made to a review

Engage and connect with your customers on the platforms they rely on the most. With Google Chat, you can optimize customer experiences, drive sales, and build lasting trust with your audience. Get started today and discover the power of conversation marketing on Google Search and Maps!