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Introducing ONE Email - Elevate Your Communication and Efficiency!

ONE’s Email app empowers your business with a powerful and seamless communication channel, revolutionizing how you engage with users. Say goodbye to one-way communication and hello to a dynamic, two-way interaction that’s easy to manage and highly effective.


  • Email Integration: Seamlessly connect with various email service providers, enabling smooth communication between the chatbot and users via email.

  • Two-Way Communication: Foster real conversations! Users can send emails to the chatbot, and the chatbot responds, ensuring an engaging and interactive experience.

  • Automated Responses: Free up time and resources! Program the chatbot to automatically respond to incoming emails based on predefined rules and conditions.

  • Customizable Email Templates: Present your brand uniquely! Utilize customizable email templates to structure and format emails sent by the chatbot.

  • Attachments: Share files with ease! The Email channel supports sending and receiving attachments, making it simple for users to collaborate with the chatbot.

  • Email Notifications: Stay connected! Allow the chatbot to send timely email notifications to users or administrators based on specific events or triggers.

  • Email Analytics: Measure success! Leverage our chatbot platform’s in-depth analytics and reporting on email interactions to optimize performance.

  • Email Routing: Streamline inquiries! Route incoming emails to designated departments or agents based on predefined rules for efficient handling.

  • Email Scheduling: Automate outreach! Schedule and send emails at specified dates and times for personalized campaigns and follow-ups.

  • Email Validation: Ensure accuracy! The chatbot performs email address validation to guarantee valid email inputs during interactions.

  • Email Personalization: Create connections! Personalize email content by dynamically inserting user-specific information into the templates for an engaging experience.

  • Email Security: Trust in safety! Our chatbot platform implements top-notch encryption and data protection measures for secure email communication.