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Give your children the gift of fluency in modern technologies

Empower kids to attain mastery in story telling, drawing, animation, audio, video, web, app & game design as early as possible. Just as children should learn language early, they should learn the digital languages of the world we live in today.

Get personalised, project based education for children age 4+. ONE is a project that was designed for kids to learn the newest, brightest storytelling tech. Arm your child with a suite of powerful technologies & inspire them to create amazing iPhone, iPad and Apple TV apps. With our tools & training, young & old storytellers can create everything from straight-forward tales to interactive books that change with each reader. Pictures, animations, even the story text itself can be determined by the reader. You can add countless games, puzzles, videos, hidden interactions, alternate pathways, anything you want. All without ever writing a line code! It has never ever been this easy to build apps since everything is delightfully visual, intuitive, drag & drop.

Prepare your kids early for a digital career with serious professional development. Young people follow the same workflow & use the same software as seasoned professionals. Each kid will work intimately with a team of teachers, artists, writers, animators, sound engineers, movie makers, developers, game designers, marketers & parents.

We start our learning journey with Sketch, a very simple & elegant drawing tool. Although it’s easy to use & shields kids from the complex technology, Sketch is a professional web design tool. It allows any kid to export their art into iBooks (to create ebooks), Xcode (to create apps) & to publish on the web. Assessment is peer based on the pictures, books, apps, games & websites created.

This project is still in its infancy & will evolve quickly. If you are a parent who believes your child needs to be able to tell digital stories, or a professional who wants to work with us feel free to email me directly at [email protected].