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Chinese Proverb

Give your children the gift of fluency in modern technologies

Empower kids to attain mastery in story telling, drawing, animation, audio, video, web, app & game design as early as possible. Just as children should learn language early, they should learn the digital languages of the world we live in today.

Get personalised, project based education for children age 4+. ONE is a project was designed for Ava (4), Fiona (8) & Brian (9) to learn the newest, brightest storytelling tech. We have started with a story “Ava in Wonderland” which is an adventure learning letters to navigate through Wonderland. Fiona is art director but everyone will learn to draw characters, animals, paths, houses,  backgrounds and letters with Sketch. Each kid will have their own Avatar and a place in the story. And be able to use a library to quickly create scenes for our book. And a storyboard. Then we will add the pictures to iBooks and push to ebook readers, tablets and phones. Later we will put a print copy on Amazon.

The next step is to make the story interactive and animate the characters. Each kid will read their part in the story. Brian is Games Director, he’s going to work with the team to make the story interactive, everyone will animate their characters & we will make a game with Xcode and Story Tellers Kit. We would like to collaborate with other kids & professionals who will exchange education, technology & mentorship.

Arm your child with a suite of powerful, modern & elegant technologies & inspire them to create amazing apps for the web. With our tools & training young and old storytellers can create everything straight-forward tales to interactive books that change with each reader. Pictures, animations, even the story text itself can be determined by the reader. You can add countless games, puzzles, videos, hidden interactions, alternate pathways, anything you want. All without ever writing a line code! It has never ever been this easy to build apps. Everything is delightfully visual, intuitive, drag and drop.

Prepare your kids early for a digital career with serious professional development. Young people follow the same workflow & use the same software as seasoned professionals. Each kid will work intimately with a team of teachers, artists, writers, animators, sound engineers, movie makers, developers, game designers, marketers & parents. By starting with Sketch, a simple, elegant drawing tool, young learners are shielded from the complexities to technology. They can learn Sketch quickly, and are free to be creative. Sketch is a professional web design tool and from Sketch any kid can export their art  into iBooks, Xcode & the web.  As director my job is to provide the kids with direction and the ability to transport their ideas into reality. I provide mentorship, tools, training, connect the team, reduce friction & help young learners share their creations. Assessment is peer based on each version of the book or app which will will be published on Apple App Store & made available on iPhones, iPads and Apple Macs.

The project is still in its infancy and will evolve quickly. If you are a parent who believes her child needs to be able to tell digital stories, or a professional who wants to work with us please email me directly at [email protected]