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Become a superhero hacker with Minecraft

Learn how to …

  • Launch your own Minecraft server and invite your friends to play.
  • Build drones and robot turtles to mine, farm, craft or attack and do stuff for you.
  • Create mods that change the weather, strike lightning, summon armies and build stuff automatically.
  • Construct huge Minecraft worlds using libraries, maps and world designers.
  • Populate your world with villagers who interact with each other.
  • Record and broadcast live video to a huge audience.
  • Create animations with your own Minecraft avatar and share your cartoon.
  • Build websites, apps, movies & games.
  • Gain super powers such as speed & invisibility on Minecraft servers and how to protect your server from exploits and cheats.
  • Master the newest, brightest tech and make money while you are still young.

Launch Your Own Minecraft Server

Get your own Minecraft server at your own address. Allow your friends to join your server by typing Learn how to install mods, maps and resources packs on your computer & on your server.

You control everything about your server – the weather, the time of day, who’s banned and who’s not. And, of course, you can mod it with mods you’ve created by yourself.


Program Turtle Robots

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 13.13.02

Learn to be a master hacker from right inside Minecraft with your own programmable Turtle Robot. You can program your robot to automatically mine, farm, craft or attack by dragging and dropping commands.  Its easy. A visual helper will walk you through its programming by suggesting what you need to add next. When you want to do something really advanced you can jump between the visual editor and the code editor which lets you see and tweak the script behind your programs. Your robot can do almost anything you can do. Tell it to do long and difficult tasks while you concentrate on being creative.

Create Minecraft Mods

Learn how to create your own Minecraft mods without typing. Create mods that change the weather, strike lightning, summon armies, build stuff like castles automatically, make your player accelerate, leave a trail of blocks behind you every time you move or create a magic wand that causes explosions. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Craft your mods inside your Modding Studio by dragging and dropping blocks. To create advanced mods you can use our Javascript code editor. Don’t worry we will teach you.


Build Minecraft Worlds


Learn how to create your own amazing worlds or add chunks like mansions, mountains and cities to existing worlds. You can download and modify thousands of pre built maps or learn how to create your own world from scratch. You will learn how to create adventure, survival, puzzle, parkour, game or maze maps. You will learn how to quickly create, replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds, level an entire mountain and replace it with natural looking terrain. You can even create maps from real places using Google Map.

Broadcast Video

Learn how to record and live stream videos of your Minecraft Worlds, mods and games. You will learn audio/video mixing applications  to create professional live broadcasts and video recordings. Stream and record your greatest gaming moments at the click of a button. Learn how to drag and drop multimedia sources into a mixer, resize and rearrange until you have the perfect scene. Add everything from your videos and music to your webcam and even remote guests from Skype. Add your aviator, clan tag, channel logo. Broadcast on Twitch, YouTube, UStream, DailyMotion, FC2 Live, GG!!, Limelight Networks, Livestream and every major network.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 18.21.37

Animate Your Avatar


Make your own animated movie starring your own avatar. You will learn to make Minecraft animations using simple tools and save time using pre built models including Steve and the monsters you faced in Minecraft. You can also import your current Minecraft skins so your avatar can star in your movie. If you build a house or anything in Minecraft, you can use as a scenery, allowing you to have your creations be in your Minecraft animations. You can make your animation by yourself or we will help with you to assemble a team with of people with different talents, voice actors, designers and audio editors.

Launch Your Website

Superhero hackers need their own websites. You will get a powerful web server where you can broadcast your website at your own address, for example Publish your thoughts, ideas, pictures, Minecraft worlds, mods, anything you wish. You are only limited by your imagination. Your website will come with its own online store, so you can accept credit cards and sell any product you wish. You will learn how to plan your website like a pro, get visitors, build effective navigation, layout pages, & how to work with typography, colours, backgrounds, & white space. 


Learn Blackhat Hacking

Learn how to gain Minecraft super powers using a hacked Minecraft client that gives you an unfair advantage in games. You will learn how to use hundreds of cheats and exploits that let you rule the playing field including how to gain XRAY vision, walk on water like Jesus, fly in survival mode, go invisible, shoot faster, more accurately, run faster, be invincible, see behind yourself, climb any surface like Spiderman, and automatically destroy everything in that area until that area becomes air. You will also learn how to identify blackhat hackers and protect your server from many hacks. With great power comes great responsibility. It is not cool to use hacks to destroy other people’s work, or to cheat in serious games. You will be taught how to use your new powers responsibly.


Places are limited. Get on the waiting list.

What You Will Get

web server

Minecraft server

Get your own personal Minecraft server where you can build your World, install mods and invite your friends to play.  

Minecraft Modding Studio

Modding studio

Get access to your own modding studio where you can build Minecraft mods by dragging and dropping blocks or writing code.

Minecraft Mods

Prebuilt mods

Get access to thousands of mods you can install on your server with a few clicks.  

Minecraft worlds

Prebuilt worlds

Install huge and amazing worlds on your server.

Minecraft World Editor

Minecraft World Editor

Get the software you need to create your own Minecraft worlds.

Broadcast Minecraft Video

Minecraft Animator

Get software to create animated movies with your own skin.

Hack Minecraft

Blackhat Software

Get Minecraft hacking software to allow you to do things you aren’t allowed to do.

Minecraft network


Access to a private network where you connect with other hackers, ask questions and learn.



Get a Minecraft t-shirt printed with your own avatar.

About Your Teacher

Your Teacher

Tony O’Connell, age 41 is an internet strategist, designer, developer, marketer and educator. He has an honors degree in Marketing from Portobello College in Ireland and has been developing and marketing web services since he graduated in 1994.

Tony started began working with the internet over 20 years ago after a friend came up with an idea of building a mobile office – a briefcase with a laptop, mobile phone and a printer. He didn’t have much interest in computers at the time but realised if he had a mobile office he fulfill his dream of travelling the world. He became partners in the business and while looking for applications for the mobile office he found an early version of the World Wide Web. Back then there were only a few hundred internet users in Ireland, all web pages were grey, all links were blue and everything was aligned to the left. He remembers clicking on his first hyperlink. While he waited for the page to load he realised how the Internet revolutionise almost everything, and he has been working online and travelled the world since then.

Tony has worked as an internet strategist for the EuroMBA Consortium (The Netherlands), EADA Business School (Spain), and TEFL (Ireland) and as a teacher of animation to 15 year olds in Saint Gabriel’s College (Thailand). He has setup and managed several marketing and research companies including Ogilvy Interactive Research (Ireland) and Imarketing (Australia). He worked as Manager of Ebusiness for Mid-century Online (UK) and has worked at the same position for Gemcal (Thailand). Recently he developed the marketing strategy for PRYMD, a group of doctors, biochemists and neuroscientists who are creating a smart drug in the US.

Tony has provided training and mentorship to CEO’s, marketers, designers, programmers and people who want to make money online. He is different than most school teachers because he likes to break the rules. He believes that kids should choose what they want to learn and that his job arm you with the knowledge and technology you need to get where you want to go. He will help you choose your own direction, but he won’t tell you what to do.

Tony likes to work and play on the beaches and mountains in Thailand and has 3 Thairsh kids.



  • The course is open to students aged 10 to 21, however, if you’re not in this age group exceptions can be made.
  • The main requirement for this course is you love creating new things, playing with computers and video games. If you want to become a professional gamer, a video game designer, a graphic designer, web designer, a 3d artist, a programmer, build the next Facebook or to travel the world with your laptop then this course is for you.
  • While the course will be available on your phone and tablet you must have access to a computer running OSX, Windows or Linux.
  • You must have a basic understanding of how to read, write and speak English.
  • You must have played Minecraft for at least 100 hours in your life.

“A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tsu

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