ONE Telepresence Robot

Protect and amplify health, learning and security with your family robot. Armed with the latest audio, video & medical technology you can sleep well knowing your family are safe.


Give the gift of telepresence to the people you care for. Give the power of telepresence to your medical team. You don’t have to waste valuable time driving to a hospital and waiting in a queue. Allow anyone you trust to use your robot examine, speak, listen, diagnose, teach, direct and make sure your children are safe.

Armed with technology of the future your robot will be able to take temperature, monitor heart and brain activity, assess the environment and understand health and nutrition on a molecular level. Robots are custom built with the best and latest technology to serve each individual in your family, school, pharmacy, nursing home or hospital.

Build your custom robot using the best and newest technology available today.

Your robot can include and connect with any of the devices below. 

Double 2 Telepresence Robot

Double 2 your telepresence robot custom built for an individual or to serve your family. Telepresence is finally here. Bring over 120,000 physicians, into your home. Gain a revolutionary new…

uHoo Air Analyzer

Know the air you breathe with uHoo’s chemical sensor, dust sensor, temperature sensor and more. uHoo is especially helpful to those suffering from asthma, rhinitis and allergies, but also useful for…