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The Artistry Program

The Artistry Program is a 6 week accelerator program for painters, illustrators, sculptors & craft makers to turbo charge their art business.  Follow easy steps to disseminate  your art, get fans, build authority & explode sales.

Acquire the technology & skills to quickly …

  • Overcome geographic limitations: Expand your art business from your tiny local market to access collectors in every country Worldwide.
  • Gain new customers: Multiply the number of collectors who can view & buy your art.
  • Reduce costs: Eliminate the costs of physical art exhibitions (gallery hire, insurance, framing, printing, wine & drinks  etc.).
  • Make more profit: Eliminate commissions  to art galleries & agents so you can keep 100% of sales.
  • Get paid immediately: No more waiting for a cheque from a gallery, payments to Paypal are instant & funds from credit cards are available in your account in a few days.
  • Provide convenience: Allow your fans to buy your art 24/7/365 from the comfort of their living room.
  • Sell easier: You don’t have to be physically present at a gallery or studio, just check your phone for messages & your bank account for proceeds of sales.
  • Sell faster: Stop making your fans wait for you to hold an exhibition, snap a photo of a finished art work & have it sold before the paint is dry.

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What's Included

 Get everything you need to build a thriving art business & more ....


An absolutely outstanding website, built for you to forge an intimate relationship your fans & sell your art. Click to view website features. 


A powerful ecommerce platform designed for artists to maximise the sale of paintings, sculpture, prints & art commissions.

Website Builder

An easy to use website builder that allows both technical & non-technical users to build sophisticated web pages using drag and drop.


Beautifully designed pre-built layouts for the pages that every artist needs on their website.


Over 40 blocks that artists can use to build their web pages including slideshows, galleries, video players, audio players, testimonials, maps, portfolios, pictures, buttons and text.



Stunning, hand-picked, royalty free textures, patterns, icons, backgrounds & photos for building an artist website.



Access to Artistry Learning, a simple, elegant learning system.



Access to a private group to meet artists that are similar to you, get advice & support to sell your art.



Rock solid, screaming-fast web and email servers.



A step by step plan for showcasing your art, acquiring fans & making sales.

Content Distribution

Distribute your assets using a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet so that it can be viewed quickly from any country.



Fully managed security and updates.



Complete management of all technical details of your website.



Weekly group coaching and personal mentorship sessions with the course director.