Check Me Pro


The most versatile Medical Tricorder

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ECG Recorder

  • Supports both cable and cable-free operation 500 Hz sampling rate and wide bandwidth
    30/60/90s of full disclosure waveform can be replayed
  • Professional ECG algorithm is able to provide not only Heart Rate, but also QRS duration, ST
    segment, QT/QTC interval, and rhythm analysis
  • QT/QTC can help to manage drugs which may induce QT prolongation

ECG Holter

  • It is easy to wear and use
  • Continuously record ECG for 24 hours
  • Check report and ECG waveform on APP or PC
  • The report includes not only heart rate and rhythm, but also HRV (heart rate variability)
  • Holter report including ECG waveform can be stored in Cloud
  • Holter report including ECG waveform can be shared to doctor by Cloud easily

Sleep Monitor for OSA

  • Checkme is an ideal device for monitoring and screening sleep problems, such as Obstructive
    sleep apnea (OSA)
  • Comfortable wristband and soft-cover SpO2 sensor
  • Records SpO2 and Pulse Rate up to 10 hours
  • SpO2 and pulse rate trending is available for tracking
  • Mobile APP enables you to look into the SpO2 change in details

Remote Monitor

  • Checkme is a tiny device. However, you can get a remote monitor with a wide screen easily.
  • Checkme is wearable on patient’s arm with Bluetooth on Patient’s ECG, SpO2 can be monitored in real-time on tablet/phone
  • Real-time waveform and readings are displayed on both device and tablet/phone
  • ECG waveform can be recorded and replayed on tablet/phone
  • It can be used in a wide range of application scenarios, including Outpatient, Emergency, First-aid kit, Surgeries and so on

BP Tracker

  • No need of blood pressure cuff, easy to use
  • Tracking your blood pressure variation
  • Takes only 20 seconds
  • Blood pressure trending is available for tracking with APP