Artistry is a free, open (GPL licensed) marketing, education & commerce app that empowers you to escalate web traffic, conversion rates & sales.
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A Powerful Ecommerce System



Manage your products with ease

Quickly add products & services to your store. Create different product types (e.g. paintings, sculptures) with different attributes (e.g. dimensions, medium, year) for each category. Artistry lets you create simple products, grouped products, subscriptions, virtual/downloadable products & offer a set of variations on a product with control over prices, stock, pictures, & more for each variation.




Create a delightful shopping experience

Enable intuitive navigation of your gallery with beautiful horizontal & vertical menus, breadcrumbs, configurable search with autosuggested terms, tag clouds, product listing in grid or list format, recently viewed art, related art & layered/faceted navigation for filtering your art in categories & search.


Accept Leading Payment Types

Choose from five pre-installed gateways including: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit card payments with PayPal or Credit card payment with Stripe.



Take control of the checkout process

Enable or disable guest checkout. Sell to specific countries, or anyone in the world & set specific pages to handle specific actions during the checkout process.



Geo-location support

Built-in geolocation support allows your store to auto-detect your customer's address - making shipping & tax calculations simpler.



Multiple Currencies

Choose from a range of currencies as your default currency.


Control Cart Behaviour

Artistry optionally uses AJAX on add to cart buttons, which means your store won't need to reload each time a customer adds a product to or edits their cart.



Manage Inventory With Ease

You can manage your store's inventory easily, track stock levels, hold stock for a period if an order is cancelled, receive notifications to a custom email address (for both low & out of stock items), hide out-of-stock items or mark your products as sold.






Painless Tax Management

We've made tax simple. Taxes can be calculated based on customers' shipping address, billing address or your shop's address. 



Control Customer Account Registration

Choose to allow customers to register on the checkout page or account page and/or display a returning customer login reminder on the checkout page. Allow customers to generate their username from their customer email, easing the account creation process. 



Flexible Shipping Options

Artistry makes shipping, payments, postage & international delivery painless with impressive features including …

  • Shipping Calculations: Enable shipping option choices within your store.
  • Cart Calculator: You can enable a shipping calculator on the cart page.
  • Shipping prices: Optionally hide shipping costs until an address is entered.
  • Flexible shipping destinations: Select from shipping address & billing address or only ship to users billing address.
  • Restrict sales: Restrict shipping locations by country.
  • Multiple Shipping Methods: Flat rate, International Shipping,
  • Local delivery, Local pickup or Automatic which chooses the cheapest method available. Or even offer free shipping.
  • Multiple Shipping Zones: Create multiple shipping zones & add any combination of shipping methods to any single zone.


Discount coupons & codes

Choose from fixed value or percentage off coupons. Allow for free shipping through the use of coupons & set the date a coupon should expire & can no longer be used. Choose the coupon type you need: Cart discount (a fixed total discount for the entire cart), cart percentage discount (a percentage discount for the entire cart), product discount (a fixed total discount for selected products only), product percentage discount (a percentage discount for selected products only).





Enable or disable the ability for people to leave reviews on your products or services.