Tony O'Connell

Enchanted by AI and how it connects medicine, education and marketing.

The Story of ONE

By Anthony O’Connell (Founder) In 1994, when I was 20, my flatmate had an amazing idea – to create a mobile office – a briefcase containing a laptop computer, a mobile phone and a printer. I didn’t have much interest in computers at the time, but the idea would allow me to fulfill a dream …

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A Journey To Intersection Of Marketing, Education & AI

Take a journey to the intersection of marketing and education – a world where rock star maths teachers make millions of dollars a month selling products at zero marginal cost – a world with a knowledge economy where the teacher has become king. The 4 Trillion Global Education Industry, which accounts 9% of US GNP, has been disrupted – smashed into pieces with technologies that enable education to be tracked, optimized and scale.